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Will you go to Greater Heights and rebuild Anandaban Research Centre?

16-year-old Shakti is recovering from a below-the-knee amputation at Anandaban Hospital. This was the only way to save her life after ulcers caused by leprosy became severely infected.

It doesn't have to be this way. Medical breakthroughs could have saved Shakti's leg. But right now, Anandaban's research lab is at risk of closing. It is too small and was severely damaged in the disastrous earthquakes of 2015. The lab simply won’t pass the upcoming Nepali Government inspection. If this happens, the chance to end leprosy in our lifetime could be lost.

Will you help us take on the mountainous challenge of saving Anandaban Research Centre? Together we can scale the summit, ending leprosy and its life-changing disabilities for people like Shakti.

  • A gift of £36 could pay for 5,000 bricks to help build the new research centre
  • A gift of £105.60 could pay for 15 bags of cement, essential for construction
  • A gift of £645 could provide pioneering ulcer treatment for a patient at Anandaban, speeding up healing time

How much would you like to give?

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