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Muzaffarpur Hospital has become a sanctuary for people affected by leprosy like Abdul.  

When leprosy started to damage his body, his family rejected him. He was forced to leave home to find treatment.  

At Muzaffarpur Hospital, he finally found the care and acceptance he needed.  

But Abdul’s sanctuary is now crumbling. Muzaffarpur has become so dilapidated it’s no longer fit for purpose.  

Without this hospital, people like Abdul would have nowhere else to go.  

You can help rebuild Muzaffarpur today, so people like Abdul can always get the care and love they need.  


Help rebuild Muzaffarpur, so people like Abdul can get the care they need. 

Without this hospital, people like Abdul would have nowhere else to go.  

Will you help rebuild Muzaffarpur hospitalso people get the care they need

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£36 will buy one tonne of bricks to help build the Outpatient Department at Muzaffarpur Hospital.

£188 provides two tonnes of cement for the building project.

£442 gives the gift of independence through reconstructive surgery. Please give what you can today.

Your gift will help build a new fit for purpose Outpatients Department. It costs £2,008 to cover a labourer's wages for the entire Building Project £9,275 builds and equips a new consultation room. Please give what you can today. 

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Muzaffarpur Hospital is the only place people affected by leprosy can get the free care they desperately need. The current OPD cannot cope with the growing number of cases, and is not equipped to provide the best care. It is not fit for purpose and needs to be rebuilt. Fast treatment for all is the only way to stop leprosy spreading in Bihar.