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Across Africa and Asia, children as young as five-year-old Anju are being diagnosed with leprosy. By getting the cure to them as soon as possible, you can help stop the disease from having a permanent impact on their futures. Will you act now to stop the spread of this disease and stop it devastating lives?


Lift the burden of leprosy from a child like Anju 

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With your help, we can prevent the lifelong impact of untreated leprosy in children like Anju, meaning they can look forward to the future.

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Anju's story

Five-year-old Anju's mother was so worried when she discovered pale patches of skin on her daughter's arms. She hadn't heard of leprosy before, but she knew something was wrong. At a pop-up skin camp held in the tea garden in Bangladesh where the family live and work,they were given the news: Anju had leprosy.

If Anju hadn’t been found and cured quickly, leprosy would have taken her mobility. Nerve damage would have stopped her being able to lift her feet to walk. She’d no longer have the joy of skipping and racing with her friends. Her fingers would have become stiff and clawed. She wouldn’t be able to hold her mum’s hand or grip a pen at school. Can you imagine what this would have meant for her future?

Today, you have the opportunity to lift the burden of leprosy from a child like Anju. Will you help find more children who need urgent treatment?

In worrying times, your gift will provide comfort and certainty for a family like Anju's. You can make sure that as many young children as possible are found and cured. Together, we can create a future where leprosy has no hold over families and communities. A future where more children like Anju will truly flourish.