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Provide essential medical supplies to Myanmar 

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Living in Myanmar, Daw Pu Lay faces a daily struggle to support her family. With war raging throughout the country, supplies are scarce and essential medical supplies are desperately low. When a small wound wouldn't heal Daw Pu Lay went to the nearest hospital but she was turned away. They weren't able to help her. There is only one hospital in the whole country that can help people like Daw Pu Lay. Mawlamyine Christian Leprosy Hospital was able to help Daw Pu Lay just in time, any longer and the medical staff she would have had to have it amputated.

Today, you can make a difference. A gift from you could pay for essential treatment. Your support could make sure that people affected by leprosy are getting the treatment they desperately need. Today, your kindness will mean people like Daw Pu Lay will get vital medical care.

A gift of £30 could help provide nutritious food for a patient during their stay at the hospital.

£120 could pay for reconstructive surgery to help someone regain their independence.

£169 could provide complete ulcer care and treatment for someone like Daw Pu Lay.