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Ethiopia is in crisis: will you help today?

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Across Ethiopia, drought, civil war and food shortages are devastating the lives of people affected by leprosy. The situation is desperate. People are hungry. They need food and basic hygiene supplies like soap urgently. Will you be the difference for someone like Amara?
Amara is a woman affected by leprosy who recently told us her story. She has already faced so much hardship. Diagnosed with leprosy as a child and losing her husband a few years ago, she has had to raise their son alone. During the recent conflict, a group of armed men entered Amara’s home, sexually assaulted her and stole all her savings. There are countless other people like Amara who have been left reeling by the civil war. Now, they are trying to be rebuild their lives. But they desperately need essential supplies.
Will you show her, and others who have suffered the same horrors, much-needed love and kindness?

Your gift of £29.50 can supply an emergency food parcel and essential hygiene supplies to a person affected by leprosy.

With a gift of £59, you can provide two people like Amara and her son with an emergency food parcel and essential hygiene supplies.

For a gift of £147.50, you can help a family of five affected by leprosy by providing them with emergency supplies.