Will you go to Greater Heights and rebuild Anandaban Research Centre? | The Leprosy Mission
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You can deliver medical miracles for people like Urmila

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Urmila struggled with the effects of leprosy for years before she came to Anandaban Hospital for groundbreaking medical care. The hospital’s LPRF treatment is slashing ulcer healing times. But the Research Centre there is under threat. To see an end to leprosy in our lifetime, we must act now. Will you go to greater heights to find new treatments for more people like Urmila? This Easter, every donation up to £500,000 will be doubled by a generous supporter who shares your vision of a world free from leprosy.

A gift of £18 doubled to £36 will provide 5,000 bricks towards that will be essential in rebuilding Anandaban Hospital’s Research Centre

A gift of £52.50 doubled to £105 will offer the teams there 15 bags of cement to begin the rebuild

And a gift from you of £323 doubled to £646 will pay for pioneering ulcer treatment for another patient like Urmila, helping them heal faster